- New Shields – When there has been a successful attack against your keep you will gain a shield (4 hour shield kicks in once you log in, otherwise it remains active for 24 hours)</p>

- Revamped Quests – Brand new quests and fixes to the old ones, plus modified quest rewards</p>

- New player help screen – a screen for new players (which can also be reactivated from the quests panel) which labels each button in the HUD.</p>

- Change to vault storage – Vault storage has been reduced to 25% of maximum storage.</p>

- Commander XP – Commanders now gain XP for both offensive and defensive battles and use that towards leveling up. XP is gained from defeating individual troops, with more XP for defeating better troops and higher level players.</p>

>- Sigils place holder until seen – Sigils now appear as a black flag until you have encountered the player on the world map.</p>

- Building Plots- All future buildings show as pre defined plots in each district so you always know how much further your settlement can grow.</p>

- More balancing changes – Market values have been changes, storage numbers increased, cost of certain buildings increased, changes to research/equipment costs and effects and small troop adjustments (Commander level requirements of certain troop’s changed, Carry, HP, Attack).</p>

- More fixes to chat – Help to make it more stable and behave properly.</p>

- Various other bug fixes</p>

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