Hi everyone,

Next week's game update is all behind the scenes, but will make a difference to your game experience. Because of this, we are detailing these changes more than usual in these patch notes. The patch is mainly focused on balancing, removing some current exploits, and including some player requested changes. Please note that we are planning to release next week, but the timing of this update may change.

Summary of Changes:

1. Changed how XP is gained from defeating troops (PvP + Orc)

2. Level comparison bonuses (XP and Carry) // POSTPONED //

3. Removal of current multipliers (XP, Carry and Cross realm)

4. Army speed now a weighted average

5. Shield triggers/times changed

6. Settlement move cool down changed to 6 hours 

7. New District Damage

8. Extra queues pricing changes (Reduced)

9. Troop Rebalances

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