Release Notes:

- More ways to heal your armies!

Haven't got any gold? Now you will be able to use silver to heal those troops injured in battle.

- Remove injured or healing commanders from your active roster, giving you more tactical options!

An injured commander taking up one of your active slots? Need to draft in another commander quickly to defend yourself? Now you will be able remove that injured commander and free up an active slot to bring in another army to take their place.

  • A healing commander who is removed from the active roster will pause healing until they are added back in.
  • Injured/Healing commanders armies still cannot be modified or added back into defence once removed.

- 24 hour cool down on moving settlement 

Players can no longer transport as they wish around the world attacking players and then running away. Once you move a 24 hour cool down will be activated and you will not be able to move again until it finishes.

- Achievements! (Mobile only)

30 GameCentre achievements for you to collect.

- High Definition UI for retina and similar high resolution devices

- Various small bug fixes

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