Type Monster
Size 20,000
Attack 500,000
Health 750,000
Heal time  ?
Speed 10
Carry 160,000
Strong vs Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry
Weak vs Monster Hunter
Recruit time 222h13m20s
Recruit exp 800,000
Silver small 600,000
Timber small 0
Ore small 0
Food small 900,000

Requires: Commander level 34, Troll Cave

The Troll is a massive, hulking giant that naturally lives underground. When dragged out of the shadows it becomes enraged and can be directed towards enemy units to vent its anger on. It uses whatever it can find as a weapon, with Battleaxes and Hammers common, but inventive Trinity Commanders will give their Troll a Battering Ram to leave gouging holes in entire armies.

Targets cavalry.



Monster get boost from: shrine, gate, king tower, kill streak and "all troops" item type.


  1. Bonus against cavalry type.
  2. Highest attack per unit size (50).
  3. Heal time bonus behind wall (62%, 2nd rank after Monster Hunter).
  4. High carry (2nd rank, after trinity knights and brutes).


  1. Slowest fighting unit. 
  2. Weak against Monster Hunter.
  3. No bonus from commander.
  4. Only "all troops" item type that give effect.
  5. Compared to other monster, have lowest health per size.


  1. Excellent for district/keep defense.
  2. High level orcing.

Compared to other monster, Trolls have the highest heal bonus when defending a district or keep. Troll's normal heal time is 4h40m (while attacking) but is reduced to mere 1h46m36s while defending .

Troll and Monster Hunter have the biggest attack per size, thus very good choice to tear down wall.

Normally, its need 3 Monster Hunter to kill 1 troll.


You can upgrade your units by researching new equipment. The higher is the equipment's level, the higher are your units damage, health and carry capacity. Beware that some upgrades may lower capacity and speed.

Level Attack Health Speed Carry Silver small ‍Cost Time XP
II 90,000 - - - 200,000 4h 14,400
III 170,000 - - - 350,000 63h 226,800
IV 240,000 - - - 500,000 119h26m40s 430,000
V 380,000 - - - 650,000 205h33m20s 740,000
VI 500,000 - - - 900,000 388h53m20s 1,400,000
Level Attack Health Speed Carry Silver small ‍Cost Time XP
II - 120,000 - - 200,000 4h 14,400
III - 200,000 - - 350,000 63h 226,800
IV - 320,000 - - 500,000 96h 345,600
V - 490,000 - - 750,000 200h 720,000
VI - 750,000 - - 900,000 422h13m20s 1,520,000

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