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Current newsEdit

  • Gentimouton

    This weekend the Realms are going to war! We’re kicking off a Mega Event Weekend with something for everyone!

    Starts: Friday 10th July 1600GMT / 0800PST Ends: Monday 13th July 1600GMT / 0800PST

    Each player who logs in on Saturday and Sunday will receive a free bonus chest for playing! These chests will be given out shortly after each day finishes.

    Special Hourly Alliance Tournaments will be running across the weekend as well, starting 10/7 at 2000GMT / 1200PST until 12/7 2000GMT / 1200PST. These hourly tournaments will award Gold to all Alliance members who are active during the tournament. The total amount of gold that is earned by each Alliance this way is counted towards a special Alliance Milestone tournament that will be running all weekend!

    In addition to all this, Events Include:
    •Double movement speed!
    •Silver Healing Speed up reduced to 50 Silver Per Minute!
    •Shrine Bonuses disabled!
    •Double Blacksmith XP from Crafting!
    •Alliance Recruitment Tournaments!

    See this news as announced on K…

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  • Jaryeth

    After careful consideration of feedback over the last update, we have implemented some changes that should help all round with resources.

    We have reduced the heal costs across the board.

    Resource Tiles have been drastically improved. There are now more silver ones spawning, and all Resource Tiles that spawn from now on will have more resources available on them!

    So as soon as the current resource tiles are used up, you’ll see a massive jump in the amount of resources on each.

    If you want the official link here it is. [1]

    For the kongregate forum.

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  • Beltrodas

    Hi everyone,

    Next week's game update is all behind the scenes, but will make a difference to your game experience. Because of this, we are detailing these changes more than usual in these patch notes. The patch is mainly focused on balancing, removing some current exploits, and including some player requested changes. Please note that we are planning to release next week, but the timing of this update may change.

    Summary of Changes:

    1. Changed how XP is gained from defeating troops (PvP + Orc)

    2. Level comparison bonuses (XP and Carry) // POSTPONED //

    3. Removal of current multipliers (XP, Carry and Cross realm)

    4. Army speed now a weighted average

    5. Shield triggers/times changed

    6. Settlement move cool down changed to 6 hours 

    7. New District Damage

    8. Extra queues pricing changes (Reduced)

    9. Troop Rebalances

    ... continue reading on Kings Of The Realm Forum

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  • Beltrodas

    Release Notes:

    - More ways to heal your armies!

    Haven't got any gold? Now you will be able to use silver to heal those troops injured in battle.

    - Remove injured or healing commanders from your active roster, giving you more tactical options!

    An injured commander taking up one of your active slots? Need to draft in another commander quickly to defend yourself? Now you will be able remove that injured commander and free up an active slot to bring in another army to take their place.

    • A healing commander who is removed from the active roster will pause healing until they are added back in.
    • Injured/Healing commanders armies still cannot be modified or added back into defence once removed.

    - 24 hour cool down on moving settlement 

    Players can no longer transport as they wish around the world attacking players and then running away. Once you move a 24 hour cool down will be activated and you will not be able to move again until it finishes.

    - Achievements! (Mobile only)

    30 GameCentre achievements for…

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  • Beltrodas

    My lords and ladies of the realms, lend me your ears.

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s important to all of us here at Digit that our players understand what we are trying to do and how we are doing it. However we’ve been so busy developing recently we’ve not taken the time to tell you about what is happening here in the Digit studio. So I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and let you know what’s going on with Kings and what the future holds.

    ... continue reading on Kings Of The Realm Forum

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  • BinarySniper

    As it’s the season to be jolly, we’ve dropped 20 Gold into your account 

    So, it’s also the season to get into the game... sharpen those swords and get yourself some festive revenge! Remember, nothing says "Happy Holidays" like lighting a warm fire for a close friend 

    Happy Gaming!

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  • BinarySniper

    Dec. 19th 2013 Update

    January 4, 2014 by BinarySniper

    More PVE balancing - Changes to Orc camps to make them more appropriate to levels. Objectives text - Corrected some objectives text to match with correct titles. Shields Fix - Players no longer receive 24 hour shield while logged in (receive correct 4 hr shie

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  • BinarySniper

    Dec.18th 2013 Update

    January 4, 2014 by BinarySniper

    Some fixes to the issues seen in the previous patch:

    - Shields - Shields no longer refresh themselves.

    - XP- XP displayed on commander screen is no longer truncated so whole XP value shows.

    - Chat fixes - Navigating to another web page no longer breaks chat.

    - Troop info updated - Changed to reflect abilities in battle.

    - More balancing - Healing costs reduced for all troops, some troop recruitment times and costs changed, equipment re balancing and worker per hour rate increased to 1000 p/h

    - Existing player will now see new objectives - Existing players will have objectives available to collect on next log in. 

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  • BinarySniper

    - New Shields – When there has been a successful attack against your keep you will gain a shield (4 hour shield kicks in once you log in, otherwise it remains active for 24 hours)</p>

    - Revamped Quests – Brand new quests and fixes to the old ones, plus modified quest rewards</p>

    - New player help screen – a screen for new players (which can also be reactivated from the quests panel) which labels each button in the HUD.</p>

    - Change to vault storage – Vault storage has been reduced to 25% of maximum storage.</p>

    - Commander XP – Commanders now gain XP for both offensive and defensive battles and use that towards leveling up. XP is gained from defeating individual troops, with more XP for defeating better troops and higher level players.</p>

    >- Sigils place holder until seen – Sigils now appear as a black flag until you have encountered the player on the world map.</p>

    - Building Plots- All future buildings show as pre defined plots in each district so you always know how much further your se…

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