Portrait Brutes
Type Infantry
Size 40
Attack 450
Health 760
Heal time 20sec
Speed 35
Carry 150
Strong vs Cavalry, Infantry
Weak vs Ranged
Recruit time 33m20s
Recruit exp 2,000
Silver small 0
Timber small 0
Ore small 660
Food small 5,000

Bringing chaos and fear to the battlefield, the Brutes are killing machines chosen from the biggest and strongest of recruits. Hardened by rigorous training in their practice rings, the few who make it through are viewed with caution by other Trinity forces.

They are conditioned like no others, through punishing drills and extremely dangerous training regimes. They appear to feel no pain and fight to the bitter end. With little armor to protect them, Brutes are driven by an instinct to kill everything in their path. They wield mighty hammers and axes that can barely be lifted by normal men.

Brutes are devastating against other infantry. Lesser troops often try to flee in terror as they approach. As shock troops, they are unbeatable and wreak havoc in the killing field. However, they are far less effective against Archers and Cavalry and will require support from other troops to make the most of their unrivalled attack damage.

70% bonus against infantry troops.

Level Attack Health Speed Carry Silver small ‍Cost Time XP
II +90 - - - 50,000 1h 3,600
III +180 - - - 100,000 2h 7,200
IV +270 - - - 200,000 12h 43,200
V +360 - - - 300,000 31h30m 113,400
VI +450 - - -  ? 48h 172,800
Level Attack Health Speed Carry Silver small ‍Cost Time XP
II - - - +30 25,000 1h 3,600
III - - - +60 50,000 2h 7,200
IV - - - +100 100,000 12h 43,200
V - - - +140 200,000 31h30m 113,400
VI - - - +200  ? 48h 172,800

Troop TypesEdit

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